Unfortunately, we’ve had to postpone the Rio Grandé Grinder until April 2021. We’re happy you’re here, but it isn’t want anybody wanted. The below email was sent to all registrants on April 27, 2020. Stay safe, wear your PPE, and wash your bibs …

Helloooooo Gravel Grinders!

Before I get rolling here, I want to thank you all for signing up for our gravel grinder in Questa. This is a first time event, and I’m new to the gravel grinder format which means there will likely be hiccups along the planning process. You probably know that about new events and you still signed up – I’m thankful for that. The hiccup that we’re all experiencing right now is not what I was bracing for and feels more like a bleeding ulcer. But, we’re figuring this out.

I’ll get on with it. We can’t have our event on May 30 as planned due to Covid. Questa Mayor Mark Gallegos has asked that we postpone the event. We have been looking at dates in October, a stunning time to ride up in these parts. I have been hemming and hawing over which weekend in October until I heard Oktoberfest was cancelled. And then it hit me that this Covid ulcer may go on a bit longer than I was willing to consider. Event postponements are a PITA. Two postponements are near death. So, we’re bumping back the first ever Rio Grande Grinder to April 24, 2021. Why April? Because the way weekends fall in May, 2021 is tough with Memorial Day, and high school graduation, blah blah. April is better.

What does this mean for your registration, and more importantly, your 50 bucks? Two options:

  1. Stay registered as-is and we’ll see you in Questa on April 24; or,
  2. Cancel your registration anytime from today until March 31 and get a full 100% refund. Email me for this option.

If I don’t hear from you, I’ll assume you’re riding with us in April, 2021.

We’re closing registration for now. We are placing a cap on the event for next year. We expect to fill up. So if you do want a refund now and you decide later that you want to register, we can’t guarantee you a space. You can wait until March 31 for a full refund though.

Thanks for reading this far. Let me know if you want a refund. And wash your hands.

Pedal, pedal,