Rio Grandé Grinder is the love-child of Turquoise Tours & Events and Doug Pickett of Taos Cyclery, both headquartered in Taos, New Mexico. After passing the torch of the Zia Rides Mountain Bike Race Series, Lindsay took a little breather from cycling events and started Turquoise Tours & Events. But we couldn’t totally ditch our cycling friends, so we’ve been doing mountain bike shuttles on the South Boundary Trail in the interim. Lindsay and Doug dreamed of this event for a couple years, and at last, the event hiatus has ended! We’re bringing the heat for an epic grind through the Río Grande del Norte National Monument and around the sacred Ute Mountain.

We hope you join us for a family-friendly, grass-roots, down- home, high-quality, action-packed grinder! Did we forget anything?


As a total impostor, Lindsay is not a cyclist. In fact, she hasn’t felt the comfort of a chamois in years. She does, however, bring the experience of organizing mountain bike races from her former life as la Directora of Zia Rides, and the hippy dippy yummy feeling of being part of a mountain bike revolution from a previous life in Gallup, NM. As owner of Turquoise Tours, Lindsay believes in the power of the bicycle to impart positive change to a community by generating jobs, industry, and a lot of happy, healthy people.


From commuting to road riding, touring and mountain biking, Doug is definitely a bicycling fan. After 25 years of exploring the routes around the Taos area he knows where to go for a great cycling experience. Gravel grinding has allowed Doug to put the best trail, dirt road, and paved roads together to create the best of what Taos has to offer into a great bicycling experience. Doug is our course creator, and thinks we’re really onto something with these 116 miles of goodness.